Saturday, May 31, 2008


Michigan will host their first senior camp on June 8 and while many prospects will make the trip in hopes of earning a scholarship offer, several who already have offers will be in attendance. One who is planning to show is Louisville (Miss.) athlete Dennis Thames."I'm planning on going up there next week and seeing how the campus is and meet the coaches," Thames said. "Michigan runs the spread offense and I think they will be running a lot of spread stuff when I come so I can get in when I come and show them my talent." The 5-11, 175-pound Thames has the ability to play running back, slot receiver or safety at the college level and at this point Michigan is looking at bringing him in as an athlete and seeing where he can contribute the most."They haven't asked me what position I want to play," Thames said. "I like the ball in my hands, but if they need me anywhere else, I'm willing to play." Thames is the nephew of Detroit Tigers outfielder Marcus Thames who is also a native of Louisville, Miss. The younger Thames talked about how having family in the area would factor into his thoughts on the Wolverines."He's right there not far away from (the University of) Michigan, but I really haven't talked to him about how it looks," Thames said. "My uncle could go to another team and he wouldn't be there, but him being there right now is good. I can ride to his house sometimes, but it isn't all about him being up there." What initially attracted Thames to Michigan was not that he has family in the area, but rather the way the Wolverines, specifically assistant coach Jay Hopson with whom Thames said the bond is tight, have recruited him.