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barwas is the shit!!!!

By now, it's clear that anyone familiar with Big Ten football who hasn't heard about new Michigan strength coach Mike Barwis is just emerging from a several months long slumber. Barwis put on a clinic over the weekend – literally – fascinating the couple hundred or so in attendance.The five-hour demonstration was presented the only way Barwis knows how – with high intensity and great enthusiasm."It was unbelievable," reported subscriber Rob Thomas, in attendance for the event. "My wife, who I had to drag there, was even blown away and happy she went. All I can say is believe the hype. Barwis' knowledge, intensity/ energy, attention to detail and leadership are what set him and will set our program apart. The man leaves no stone unturned when it comes to preparing the players."
Strength coach Mike BarwisThe clinic was slated to last four hours and was truly designed for "anyone who wants to improve the athletic performance of others," but it was extended 45 minutes so Barwis could answer questions. Most of the time was spent in the team meeting room, where Barwis gave an overview for the first hour, "often raising his voice almost to the point of shouting because of his enthusiasm."The man hardly paused for a breath during the entire hour," said Thomas. "He talked about the different types of muscle fibers and how nutrition and exercise affect them and the cellular level – my head is still spinning – it was like attending a anatomy/physiology class. "His assistant coordinators (Parker Whiteman, Jesse Miller and Chris Allen) then came out and demonstrated how they use the exercise ball to work on the core strength and agility. [Allen] laid back on the ball near the small of his back, bent his knees so his feet were flat against the side of the ball and not touching the ground, and then proceeded to do sit ups without falling off the ball. There was literally a collective gasp from the room. They then proceeded to demonstrate several Pilates/yoga type stretches while balancing on the ball."An ordinary person wouldn't be able to most of the exercises on the floor let alone on a ball, Thomas opined. The players, however, are expected to learn quickly and perform the same exercises.Next came injury prevention, called "pre-hab" by Barwis because they use the very same techniques used in post injury rehabilitation as part of their regular program to prevent injuries. Barwis and staff demonstrated some of the things they do with players, including using a flex-band for several different ankle, shoulder and knee exercises. "They also showed how they used a partner exercise to increase the strength of the neck muscles," reported Thomas. "Does it all work? They said in that 33-5 run they had at West Virginia they did not lose a single player the entire season due to an injury. Yes, injuries occur, but because they do pre-hab, players will bounce back quicker."Following was a tour of the weight room. Barwis talked about the different stations and spent most of the time talking about the nutrition bar they set up. Written on the wall is the amount (and exactly what) players are expected to eat and drink before and after workouts. Peanut butter, chocolate and caramel nutrition bars are provided for snacks; for drinks, there are a handful of flavors of Gatorade, several types of fruit smoothies and three different types of chocolate milk (regular, cookies and cream and mint). Barwis verified the administration spent $1.1 million on the weight room and are going to spend another $400,000-plus to put in a glass wall/entry to the new practice facility. From there, the group ventured to the indoor practice facility, where speed trainer Kentaro Tamura (who reportedly arrived in the U.S. from Japan five or six years ago) demonstrated several speed improvement exercises. "By this time I was becoming mentally over-loaded," Thomas admitted. "They did a lot of things I think a lot of track guys do, but they really stressed and focused on proper technique – and how they drill the players."The clinic ended with a Q&A with Barwis, the highlight of which was his doing push-ups for the group – the same push-ups only a handful of incoming high school recruits have been able to do over the years, and not your normal "let's do a quick 50.""He laid face-down flat on the ground, extended his arms above his head like someone diving in a pool, and did five push-ups from that position," Thomas marveled. "The man is incredibly fit. I now believe all the stories."Thomas then added one Barwis trait that perhaps doesn't get as much publicity as deserved."You can't underestimate his leadership," he said. "The guy is incredibly approachable, yet has this commanding presence that you can feel when he enters the room. He walks the talk. He leads through example. He is the type of guy you'd want to lead you into battle – someone you know will be right there with you. "I can only imagine the effect he has on the players, and he's not even the head coach. Yes, those who stay will be champions … there's no doubt in my mind."

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Dewayne Peace

South Grand Prairie, Texas, wide receiver/defensive back Dewayne Peace recently stated that he would have a decision in the near future. The choice for the The 6-0, 177-pounder came even quicker than expected, with an announcement this evening."I committed to Michigan," Peace said Tuesday evening. "I'm kind of glad the recruiting process is over with. Now I can focus on my senior year of football. My family is happy for me and everybody is happy with the decision."
Peace finalized his commitment to Michigan on Tuesday nightEarlier in the day Peace told he was nearing the decision and debating between three schools; Michigan, Kansas and Texas A&M. He came to that decision Tuesday evening, giving the coaching staff a call to inform them about the commitment soon after."First I called the recruiting coach for my area which is Jay Hopson. He said he was waiting for it and very happy that I made my decision," said Peace. "Then I talked to [Rich Rodriguez] and he was saying it's a great fit and he likes how I compete. He started going over some things he likes about me and how he can't wait for me to be up there. "From there I talked to the offensive coordinator and he was telling me how I am going to fit into the scheme and they really believe as a true freshman I can come in and play if I came in and worked hard."Just over a week ago Peace did not hold a Michigan offer and had never seen the campus, but his visit to Ann Arbor for the Wolverines' summer camp got both tasks accomplished."You go from Kansas really being the biggest (offer) and New Mexico State, Tulsa and schools like that," Peace said. "Then to grab the offer from Michigan, that was big."Now that his future will be with Michigan, Peace plans to help recruit other players to Ann Arbor and he is starting right on his own team."There's one right in my backyard from South Grand Prairie, Thomas Ferguson, and they are looking at him," Peace said. "Of course I am going to try to get him down there with me too."Peace is the Wolverines' 12th commitment to the recruiting class and the second prospect to declare in favor of the Maize and Blue today, joining linebacker Jordan Barnes of Fort Wayne (Ind.) Homestead.

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farewell it was fun while it lasted. we will keep it going. GO BLUE

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Travis Barker Remix Soulja Boy

had to put this up!!!! unreal go blue.....

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comcast deal finally done!!!!!!

ANN ARBOR, Mich. (AP)—Finally, the Big Ten Network and Comcast Corp. reached a deal.
The BTN and the Philadelphia-based cable carrier announced a multiyear agreement Thursday for programming that starts Aug. 15 on expanded basic cable in states with Big Ten schools: Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.
Comcast doesn’t have any subscribers in Iowa, the eighth Big Ten state.
After the 2008-09 basketball season ends, Comcast has the option to shift the network to its digital service in Big Ten states. Outside of the region, Comcast has the option to not offer the channel at all, or to put it on its sports and entertainment package or other tiers of service.
BTN programming includes coverage of every men’s and women’s sport played in the conference, from football and basketball to soccer and track.
Big Ten Network president Mark Silverman praised Thursday’s deal.
“This agreement allows us to reach many more Big Ten fans with our programming because of the high concentration of Comcast subscribers in Big Ten states,” he said in an e-mail message. “With the Comcast deal now in place, the Big Ten Network will be available to more than two-thirds of all homes in Big Ten country.”
Comcast has agreed to pay about 70 cents per subscriber to the Big Ten, which had sought $1.10. It’s the first major cable operator to agree to carry the network.
The parties negotiated for more than a year. The Big Ten wanted to put the new network on Comcast’s basic level of service at a price the company wasn’t willing to pay.
In February, Michigan State men’s basketball coach Tom Izzo expressed frustration with the stalemate after being flooded with letters and calls from fans angry that they couldn’t see games they watched in the past.
“I think it has been a PR nightmare,” Izzo said at the time. “And I think it has hurt all of us.”
Comcast has about 5 million customers with basic cable and 4 million with digital in Big Ten states. The sports network is owned by the Big Ten Conference and Fox Cable Networks.
AP Business Writer Deborah Yao in Philadelphia contributed to this report.

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another 4 star

Orland Park (Ill.) Sandburg offensive tackle Michael Schofield is one of the most heavily recruited offensive line prospects in the Midwest with 20 scholarship offers to his credit. The top 250 prospect has looked closely at his recruitment in the last couple weeks and now has a decision."I just committed to Michigan, so I'm feeling pretty good about it right now," Schofield said. "I felt pretty good about Michigan for awhile now. Ever since I made my first visit there last month I felt really good about them. I was thinking about some other schools too for a little bit there, but decided Michigan was the best place to go."
Schofield committed to Michigan on MondayMichigan's coaches are in the midst of their summer football camp, but were around to receive the call when Schofield placed it."I called Coach (Scott) Shafer, my recruiting coach, and he passed the phone around to a bunch of people," Schofield said. "I talked to Coach (Greg) Frey, the o-line coach, the offensive coordinator and then Coach (Rich) Rodriguez as well. Rodriguez was pretty happy."In the past several weeks leading up to the start of his team's summer camp, Schofield took trips to Notre Dame, Iowa, Purdue, Wisconsin and Michigan. His trip to Ann Arbor occurred last week Tuesday and was a catalyst for the decision."That really got me. After I visited I was really excited about Michigan," he said. "The whole time I was there I felt really comfortable. I felt like I fit in. They are really nice coaches and the strength coach is somebody I want to work with because he's just so intense. They do lifts that, of all the colleges I've been to so far, no one does lifts like that. They do pre-hab so no one gets hurt and no one else does that."Another aspect of Schofield's visit that intrigued him about Michigan was the introduction to Michigan's education."Academics is the reason why you actually go to college and Michigan has some of the best academics in the country," Schofield said. "It's exciting that you have some of the best football in the country and the academics – it's the perfect fit."Schofield had always planned to announce his decision before the start of his senior season, but that it came this early in the process is somewhat of a surprise."When you find the right school, why wait? That was the school I wanted to go to so I didn't wait any longer," Schofield said. "It just takes away a lot of distractions. I don't have to worry about calling a bunch of coaches and it allows me to focus. I feel relaxed, excited and just happy I got it done with and picked the right school." ranks the 6-7, 292-pound Schofield as the No. 197 player in the country, the No. 16 offensive tackle and a four-star prospect.

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Darius Winston decommits from Arkansas

When Darius Winston committed to Arkansas back in February, he was well known within the Natural State as one of the best prospects in the area. Five months later how things have changed. Winston has since been named a five-star prospect, the second best cornerback in the nation and has picked up scholarship offers from around the country. Due to the national status of his recruitment, Arkansas fans knew that they would have to sweat out his commitment.
Darius Winston has Michigan on top of his list.On Friday, Arkansas' fears were realized and Winston decommitted from the Razorbacks."I decided to decommit to Arkansas," Winston said Friday afternoon. "I've been thinking about it the past couple days. A couple of schools are on the rise. I like a couple of other schools better right now."While Winston confirmed that he is still considering the Razorbacks, clearly a few other programs have made a stronger impression on him to this point. "I'm considering them right now," he said. "They've kind of moved down. They're probably in my top six. I'm liking so many schools and I was committed so I felt like I needed to decommit."So who is on top for the 6-foot-0 180-pounder? "Michigan is at the top," he said firmly. "Michigan, Clemson, Texas and there's a couple of other schools but those are my top three right now."Winston's change of heart has come following a spring evaluation period that saw a multitude of coaches come through in an attempt to recruit the physical cornerback. The relationships he has built with some of the assistants has been crucial in the new leaders for his services. "Ever since Michigan started recruiting me a couple of months ago I've liked them," he said. "Arkansas has always been on top but I've been calling coach Hopson and I've been getting to like him. I really like their coaches a lot."I love Clemson's coaches. I like coach Vic Koenning. I met him during the evaluation period and I called him a couple times. At Texas I love the coaches too."Winston has tentative plans to visit Texas this summer where he hopes to receive an official written offer. He also hopes to get to Michigan either in the summer or the fall for a visit.Winston also expanded on the schools that he is interested in at this point. "Michigan, Texas, Clemson, Arkansas, Georgia, Florida State and Miami, LSU too. LSU is in the top six," he said. "So now I'm down to a top ten schools. I want a top ten. I gave you eight, I'm still exercising the other two."While recruiting is playing a big role in his summer, Winston's primary focus currently is getting a good score on his upcoming ACT test.

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rich rods last interview with wv president

An expanded, exclusive, one-on-one interview with Rich Rodriguez.
Who is the most hated, despised man in all of West Virginia? If you said former West Virginia University head football coach Rich Rodriguez, you would probably be correct. On a very special, expanded edition of Decision Makers, host Bray Cary sits down with Rodriguez to discuss why and how he left and what life is like at the University of Michigan. If you want to know what everyone will be talking about next Monday, be sure to watch this weekend's edition of Decision Makers. Here's a sneak peak of what you'll see this weekend.
Rich Rodriguez on his final meeting with WVU President Mike Garrison

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Michael Senior Writer

Talk about it in The FortRick Darlington had a plan. He would line four-star athlete Jeremy Gallon under center and turn his feet loose. Only occasionally would he opt for the pass. But Gallon surprised him, completing 65 percent of his attempts without a pick in 2007 …"When we put him at quarterback, we had no idea he could throw the football," said Darlington, his coach at Apopka (Fla.) High School. "He's too small to play that position in college but he doesn't care. He's excited about becoming a slot guy for Michigan. He's very quick, fast and quick, and it's hard to get a handle on him." The 5-8, 165-pounder with 4.40 speed – according to Darilington – projects like West Virginia sophomore back Noel Devine. That's becoming a common trend amongst U-M's recruits as the Michigan coaches seek elusive athletes that cannot be caught from behind.
Newest recruit Jeremy Gallon will be a star, if he qualifies. Quarterbacks coach Rod Smith gets credit for snagging Gallon, establishing a relationship even though Gallon has yet to visit Ann Arbor. "The important thing with Coach Smith was sharing how Jeremy could receive an education," Darlington said. "It wasn't all football with them. They've got a great support staff in place and Jeremy is confident that if he goes up there to Michigan he will succeed in the classroom."Qualifying, however, might be a concern, Darlington admitted. Florida's three big in-state schools backed off of Gallon because of poor grades. The four-star recruit, ranked the No. 79 player nationally by, just recently took the ACT and will take the SAT Saturday. "If he was a guy that was an absolute green light he'd have a lot more offers because he's special," Darlington said. "After he committed, we sat down with his parents and his guidance counselor and outlined a plan. I think he will put in maximum effort because he really wants to be a Wolverine, and with me, Coach Smith and his parents pushing him he's going to have a lot of external motivation."A freak athlete, Gallon is bigger than his listed size. In offseason conditioning, he posted the highest weight-lifting numbers (proportion to body weight) in six of eight exercises. He power cleans 310 pounds, runs a 3.88 shuttle and has clocked a career-best 4.38 40-yard dash. "People think because he's small, he's weak, but that's definitely not true," his coach said. "Just try to bring him down with an arm tackle – he'll run right through you."

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2008 stanley cup champions!!!!!!!!

fitzgerald ready

New Jersey linebacker and Michigan four-star signee J.B. Fitzgerald has been anticipating his collegiate career for months, and now it's only a few weeks from becoming reality. The Princeton Junction West Windsor Plainsboro South star is planning to contribute this fall, and he's taking steps to ensure he'll be in good position.
J.B. Fitzgerald"Absolutely," Fitzgerald said when asked if he hoped to play early. "I take that in when I'm training, running or anything, that I'm really working toward playing. I realize there is an opportunity for me and I don't want to waste it, for sure. "Back when [Lloyd Carr's staff] started recruiting me, I got an idea what the situation looked like and realized there would be an opportunity to come in and play as a freshman, to see what I could do. I'm preparing for the opportunity and want to be ready when it comes."Like most of the other freshmen, Fitzgerald plans to move to Ann Arbor around the weekend of June 20. That's the day of his graduation, and with his party slated for a day later he's made June 22 his target arrival date. He'll room with freshman defensive tackle Mike Martin, the two having spoken frequently about "stuff to get ready for the room." "I'm pretty excited about it," he said. "I'll have a good summer up there with some of the guys there."Fitzgerald is initially slated to wear No. 42 because fellow linebacker Jonas Mouton already has the No. 8, his first choice. He's not sure which of the three linebacker positions he'll play initially, but is willing to try anything to see the field early.For months now, he's been working with a performance trainer in an effort to get stronger, faster and more agile, preparing for what awaits him in Ann Arbor. "I'm getting ready for next month … or I should say, getting ready for [strength] Coach [Mike] Barwis, doing what I can," said Fitzgerald with a laugh. "It's not stories anymore [about Barwis] … now it's the truth coming out. I've heard he'll work you real hard, but he'll want to make you work hard for him. It's a give and take kind of thing, but the guys are definitely happy with the results they see after working out with him."

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Ohio State Sucks


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Michigan will host their first senior camp on June 8 and while many prospects will make the trip in hopes of earning a scholarship offer, several who already have offers will be in attendance. One who is planning to show is Louisville (Miss.) athlete Dennis Thames."I'm planning on going up there next week and seeing how the campus is and meet the coaches," Thames said. "Michigan runs the spread offense and I think they will be running a lot of spread stuff when I come so I can get in when I come and show them my talent." The 5-11, 175-pound Thames has the ability to play running back, slot receiver or safety at the college level and at this point Michigan is looking at bringing him in as an athlete and seeing where he can contribute the most."They haven't asked me what position I want to play," Thames said. "I like the ball in my hands, but if they need me anywhere else, I'm willing to play." Thames is the nephew of Detroit Tigers outfielder Marcus Thames who is also a native of Louisville, Miss. The younger Thames talked about how having family in the area would factor into his thoughts on the Wolverines."He's right there not far away from (the University of) Michigan, but I really haven't talked to him about how it looks," Thames said. "My uncle could go to another team and he wouldn't be there, but him being there right now is good. I can ride to his house sometimes, but it isn't all about him being up there." What initially attracted Thames to Michigan was not that he has family in the area, but rather the way the Wolverines, specifically assistant coach Jay Hopson with whom Thames said the bond is tight, have recruited him.

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MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (AP)—West Virginia University’s $4 million lawsuit against ex-football coach Rich Rodriguez is headed for mediation, with the goal of resolving the dispute by Aug. 1.
But WVU attorney Jeff Wakefield says Judge Robert Stone’s order is standard, and he thinks it’s unlikely mediation will help.
Wakefield says the university remains firm in its position that Rodriguez owes $4 million under the contract in place when he resigned in December to take Michigan’s head coaching job.
If mediation doesn’t end the dispute, Stone will hear motions on Nov. 10.

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Rich Rod visits Toledo

Toledo reception features Wolverines coach Rodriguez

2009 committed/ not yet signed

Shavodrick Beaver
Isaiah Bell

William Campbell
Teric Jones

Bryce McNeal
Kevin Newsome
Fitzgerald Toussaint

Justin Turner

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sam mcguffie mix tape

william campbell he is a stud.....

Dre K irkpatric 5 star cornerback prospect